York RIver Trail Ride
$275.00 per person (2 hours)

  $350.00 per person (3 hours) 

York River two or three hour trail rides offer several miles of bridle trails and afford glimpses of Virginia’s Tidewater landscape and an opportunity to observe a unique environment in an area significant to the early history of Virginia.  Additionally, the three hour trail ride travels to bluffs that overlook the beautiful York River.  Lakewood Trail horses are trailered to a mounting area where you will meet your trail guide and begin your adventure.  A minimum of two riders is required.  York River trail rides are recommended for riders who are accustomed to extended time in the saddle.  We recommend reserving this ride at least one week in advance.

Lakewood Trail 
Our Most Popular Ride                                                     $75.00 per person An hour long guided trail ride through an orchard, around a private lake and through lovely wooded areas with gently rolling hills.   Great for beginners and a pleasant ride for experienced riders.


Trail Ride Options                                           Call 757-566-9633

                                                                                for Reservations

                                      Couples Only Ride                                                                                                                $320 per couple  
This is a private hour long guided trail for two.  Includes
a customized picnic lunch for a romantic picnic on the property.

Hoofbeats Through History 
                                                                       $85.00 per person

​Take a step back in time and imagine yourself as a traveler in 17th and 18th century Virginia.  Become immersed in the history and beauty of our private riding trails as you learn the story of horses in early Virginia.  This trail ride is perfect for the horse lover and history enthusiast alike.  Follows the route of our popular Lakewood Trail ride with the addition of your private guide to Virginia horse history.


Celebration Ride
                                                                                 $85.00 per person
An hour long guided trail ride (minimum of 4 riders).  A celebration cake (birthday or other occasion) will be waiting upon your return along with plates, forks, and a beverage. The birthday or special individual will receive a free t-shirt.

Ask about our special rate for active duty and retired military personnel.

Thank you for your service.